Guido Heinz

Guido Heinz i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0

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  • Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Guido Heinz i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0



  1. Towards a Knowledge Model to Document and Select Algorithms and Processes in Cultural Heritage

    Karmacharya, Ashish; Boochs, Frank; Reich, Tobias et al.

    Traitement et Analyse de l’Information Méthodes et Applications, TAIMA, Hammamed, Tunisia, 11-16 May 2015. 2015

  2. Interdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer within Higher Surveying Education, Professional Education

    Klonowski, Jörg; Müller, Hartmut; Heinz, Guido

    Proceedings FIG Commission 2 - Conference Navigating the Future of Surveying Education. Wien. 2009