Bastian Plaß, M.Sc.

Active since 2019
Bastian Plaß i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0

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Bastian Plaß i3mainz, CC BY SA 4.0



  1. BIM on Artificial Intelligence for Decision Support in E-Health

    Plaß, Bastian; Prudhomme, Claire; Ponciano, Jean-Jacques

    International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. Bd. XLIII-B2-2021. 2021 S. 207 - 214

  2. Evaluation of point cloud data acquisition techniques for Scan-to-BIM workflows in Healthcare

    Plass, Bastian; Emrich, Jan; Götz, Selina et al.

    Proceedings of FIG e-Working Week. Bd. 2021. 2021 S. 1 - 13. Amsterdam. 2021 S. 1 - 10

  3. Hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence to detect oral malignancy – part 1 - automated tissue classification of oral muscle, fat and mucosa using a light-weight 6-layer deep neural network

    Thiem, Daniel G. E.; Römer, Paul; Gielisch, Matthias et al.

    Head & Face Medicine. Bd. 17. H. 1. Springer Science and Business Media LLC 2021 S. 1 - 9

  4. Next Generation Scan-to-BIM: Ein neuer Ansatz zur strukturierten Datenerfassung für as-built Indoor-Modelle

    Plaß, Bastian; Klauer, Thomas

    DVW e. V. und Runder Tisch GIS e. V. (Hrsg). Leitfaden Geodäsie und BIM. 1. Aufl. Augsburg: Wißner-Verlag 2021 S. 176 - 178 (Leitfaden Geodäsie und BIM. Version 3.0)

  5. Point Cloud Capturing and AI-based Classification for as-built BIM using Augmented Reality

    Klauer, Thomas; Plaß, Bastian

    Schäfer, Karl-Herbert; Quint, Franz (Hrsg). Artificial Intelligence - Application in Life Sciences and beyond. 3. Aufl. Kaiserslautern. 2021 S. 158 - 166 (The Upper-Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium - UR-AI 2021)

  6. Point Cloud Capturing and Classification for as-built BIM using Real-Time Augmented Reality Technology

    Plaß, Bastian; Klauer, Thomas; Iordanov, Danail

    Berlin - Offenbach: Wichmann Verlag im VDE VERLAG GmbH 2021 (AGIT - Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik, 7-2021)

  7. An Overview of Approaches for automated intelligent Building Information Modeling

    Plaß, Bastian

    Internationale Vereiningung der Vermessungsingenieure (Hrsg). Smart surveyors for land and water management : FIG Working Week 2020 : Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 10-14 May 2020. Amsterdam. 2020 S. 1 - 15 10546

  8. Künstliche Intelligenz als Strategie in der Ingenieurgeodäsie – erste Schritte im Bahnumfeld

    Plaß, Bastian; Zschiesche, Kira; Altinbas, Tamer et al.

    zfv – Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement. Bd. 145. H. 4/2020. 2020 S. 236 - 240

  9. Validation of HD maps for autonomous driving

    Fischer, Peter; Plaß, Bastian; Krauß, Thomas et al.

    International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems in Theory and Practice, mobil.TUM. Bd. 2017. München. 2017 S. 1 - 8