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Our Guests from Dijon

Romain, Philippe and Éric, Duncan, Maxime and Pierre are six students from France who came here to Mainz for a three months internship. They come from the University of Dijon, more precisely from the IUT (Technology University Institute) which is more or less the equivalent of the Fachhochschule, except that the IUT only delivers 2-years grades. At the end of these two years they are asked to find an internship to conclude there diplomas. Here in Mainz they are split into two groups to work on two different projects.

The first project is called EcoMonitoring and is led by Dr. Karmacharya. Romain, Philippe and Éric have been working on this project since the beginning of the year, which allowed them to make a first prototype. The idea of this project is to create a base platform that allows inhabitants and a dedicated crowd from the Hindu-Kush-Himalayan region to identify local floral species and semantically encapsulate them through its annotation tools. This project can be expected to lay a foundation for a longer cooperation with institutions working on environmental issues in that region for prospective future projects.

The second project is called WiDOP and is led by Prof. Boochs. This project aims at automatically detecting objects in 3D point clouds based on business knowledge. Duncan, Maxime, and Pierre worked on object detection surrounding railroad areas. They applied logical rules for the detection, for instance: if a vertical object was 50 meters away from another similar object identified as an electric post, the first object was also classified as an electric post. The three students were asked to understand how this project worked and to develop testing tools to make it compatible with various types of point clouds.


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